Focus on your dreams

Hey there, today we are going to talk about focusing on your dreams and goals.    We will look at the benefit of focusing on your dreams.  We will talk about how dreaming in pictures can provide substance to your dreams.   Once we have done this we will look at writing them down to make them more concrete.

Clarity should be the outcome of this process.    Being able to write a clear and concise statement of what your dreamlooks like.     We will look at different ways of approaching your task.    Having different perspectives and tools should make your outcome that best that it can be.   

Focus on your dreams

So focusing on your dreams.   Not as easy as it might sound actually.   It takes time and intent.   

What does this mean exactly?   How does focus help us?  Why focus on your dreams?    

Focusing on your dreams is the act of thinking more deeply about what they are and what they mean to you.   This is the part where you take time, or should I say make time, to do this.    Time where your only task is to think about what you want and where to want to be.   

The extra time you spend thinking about your goals should be about freeing your imagination to go wherever it wants.   Just relax and let you ideas flow freely around you.    What you are trying to get to is a point where you

Dream in pictures

This is one method of getting clarity in terms of your dreams and goals.   Envisioning our dream, creating pictures and drawing them might help.   When you are creating a picture of your dream goals you should include as much detail as possible.    Think in colours, textures, smells, and feelings.   The more sensations that you use at this stage, the more real your destination will feel.   The more real your destination feels, the more engaged you will be.    

Try this, build a picture in as much detail as you can.   If you are like me it will take some practise.    The first time I tried I couldn’t even make the picture.    I got better every time I tried and was able to add more detail to my mental picture every time.   I realised after a while that it was a form of meditation.     Although I still have to concentrate I am getting better all the time.   I recommend that you do this for every one of your goals.   It might take more time, but you will not regret it.    The clarity and certainty which

you bring to your goal setting will make everything else so much easier.

Art has the power to transform, to illuminate, to educate, inspire and motivate

Write out your goals

Once your mental pictures are crystal clear you should write them down.    This is just another way of making all of the mental work you have done more real.    You have spent a lot of time thinking about your dreams and giving them substance.   Now you get to set them out in another way. 

Writing your goals down provides time for you to look more closely at the details.   I know from experience that this was the time that another layer of clarity was added.   I had time to critically analyse what I was thinking before putting it into action.   

When I was writing it down I was able to see the holes in my thinking, if there were any.   Describing my pictures in words was really exciting because they seem more concrete.   I knew then that I could totally achieve my goals.    I was also happy that I had managed to take my dreams and make them something that I felt I could achieve.   

I really hope that you enjoy this part of your journey as much as I did.    I am sure that you will be as proud as I was to see your goals in all their entirety.   The next stage in your journey awaits you and I wish you all the luck in the world.   

Now, we are going to try a little exercise.  
I want to you find somewhere calm and soothing.   A place where you can just relax, meditate and think about yourself for a while.   I want you to give yourself 15 minutes for this exercise.   Focus on one of your goals.   Visualise it in all its glory, exactly the way you want to have it happen.    When you are finished I want you to write everything that you can remember in your journal.  

How did that feel?   Did you enjoy it?   Was it useful?   I hope it was.   

If you like this might be a good time to share your ideas with your group of friends.    They will really enjoy seeing your goals in all their glory.   Maybe even celebrate maybe.   Have a vision party!