What is your dream life?


Today I would like to talk about awakening your ideal life.      Part of this is ‘knowing’ what your ideal life design is and how you want your life to play out.     I know this doesn’t sound too hard, but, I found it one of the most difficult parts of this growth journey.     To be honest with myself about what I really want.     To try and work out what I really wanted for myself.

Living according to your dreams, is this a way of life?   Of course it is.    One of the first things you need to be certain of is that, yes living according to your dreams is a reality.     You really have to believe it with all of your heart.      Everyone wants to live the life of their dreams.    One of the problems I think is that we don’t necessarily know what the life of our dreams looks like.     Well I am here to give you a few tools to help you learn what your dreams are, why it is important to know what they are and what are the benefits for us.   

Dreams are free
A life without dreaming is a life without meaning


What is the meaning of the word dream

First things first, so according to dictionary.com – A dream is a cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal.        I found  this part of my journey really hard but exhilarating at the same time.   I had never in my whole life really known what my dreams were, what I was passionate about and therefore what I might want to do with my life.    In our generation we were told to go to school, get an education and get a job or get married and have children.   Following our passions and aspirations was never talked about.   Life was what it was.    It has taken me a while to be able to say what my dreams are.   It is only in the last 7 months that I have really put any time towards this at all.    Over time I have been able to acknowledge that my dreams are the things that make me happy and excited.    What I also know is that my dreams are made up of all the things that I love the most.   

Why are dreams important

Now to become aware of our dreams, our deepest desires is not as easy as it might seem.     If you asked people what their dream was how many would be able to answer with any clarity.    We are so used to just taking what we can get.    Why are dreams important?   Take a look at the 11 reasons below:

    1. They make our lives exciting – when you follow your dreams you feel energised and excited.    This energy and excitement will keep you going even when times get hard.    
    2. You may inspire othersWhen people see how happy you are, how excited you feel they will want to follow your example.    They want those things for themselves.   You might give other people hope that they can also achieve their own dreams.   
    3. You will meet people just like youhave you ever heard the saying ‘like attracts like’.   This means that you will attract people who are on the same journey as you.    Sharing makes the journey so much easier.
    4. CourageFollowing your dreams and being successful will make you more comfortable with what you know and can do for yourself.    You will be more willing to take chances when you are faced with new experiences.
    5. IndependenceBecause you are following your dreams you feel more in control and independent.    No need to rely on anyone else to make you feel good. 
    6. LearningFollowing your dreams can lead you to learn new things.   Your passions and the skills that you need to learn to make them real add another dimension to who you are.
    7. FaithKnowing what your dreams are and believing that following them will make you happy is all about faith.   The belief that you are meant to be doing these things no matter what. 
    8. TrustLearning to trust that following your dreams will get you where you are supposed to be to be totally happy.    No rationalisation and logic needed.   
    9. Motivation Being happy is what we all want.    Once you have been happy and you know that feeling you will keep doing what you need to so that you feel that way again.   
    10. To prove yourselfYou need to know what your dreams are to prove to yourself that what you love doing is important.   Your dreams make your life worth living.   Your happiness is all that matters
    11. You only live onceBeing happy, following your dreams, living a life that makes your heart sing is what we all deserve.   You only live once, make it count.   

Believe me when I say that at this point in time, living my inspired life is the most important thing to me.    My dreams have awoken me to the fact that there is something greater and a life of true happiness for me..   I want to make sure that whatever I choose to do lives into my dream to be self determining.    To create in me a feeling of wonder and excitement.   

The how and what of living your dream

We have talked about what dreams are and why they are important.   Now we get to think about what exactly our dreams are.     How do we know what we dream about?    Down below I have listed some questions that might help you think about what you dream about.     There are so many more questions that might help.    The 8 listed below are the ones that helped me:

      1. What are your hobbies?your hobbies are the things that you do regularly in your down time that make you feel happy.    For me this is reading, I particularly like crime novels.     I have been known to read through the night without realising. 
      2. What are your talents? there are some things that we have a natural aptitude for or skill in.     Everyone has these things in them.     I am good at playing with kids.    I really enjoy spending time with them and just watching them enjoy themselves.     
      3. What are you passionate aboutso there are things that we feel strongly about, things that we believe in with our whole heart.    Our passions are the things that keep us going even when things get hard.   
      4. What inspires youwhen you are inspired you feel like you can do something, anything.  Sometimes you will see somebody do something and you think ‘I can do that”.    Usually inspiration comes from a third party.    
      5. What do you admireare there some things or people that you look upon with respect and warm approval.     One of the people that I really respect is the chairperson of a committee that I am on.    He gives so freely of his time and focus, to lots of different community groups.   I admire his selflessness.     
      6. What are you grateful forwe all have things in our lives that we are grateful for, things that we appreciate.    I am really grateful for the fact that I have a house over my head, for the food on my table and the a loving family.   
      7. What makes you happy are there things in your life that give you feeling of pleasure and contentment.    After 25 years of working in the business world, staying home and just chilling makes me feel really happy. 
      8. What are your goalswe all have things in life that we want to achieve, our goals.    Our goals are the end result of a set of actions that we take.   I have a goal of travelling overseas every year, my job then is to do the things that will make sure it is achieved.   

Well I want to thank you for staying with me.     One of the things that is most important of this whole article is that everyone should dare to dream without limits.    To let go all the self limiting beliefs and negative influences in their life.  They are the barriers that are holding you back from living the life of your dreams.   

What is your dream life

Well it is time for you to work out what is your dream life.   A dream life is one where you are totally and absolutely happy.   This will be different for everyone because we are all individuals with different cultures and backgrounds.    I found it easier to identify the dreams of others, it is easier to be honest about them than yourself.   For example, my children, it is the thing that they do that takes them to a calm place.    A place of peace and tranquility.    My eldest daughter is most calm when she is painting and most recently writing children’s books.    She is inherently creative and both these things speak to this part of her spirit.     

Set aside some time every day to focus on yourself and what you want.     What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?   Would you go overseas like me, would you write your first novel, would you attempt a marathon?    Like we said you have to dare to dream without limits.      No barriers and no regrets!

Call to action

Well the challenge I leave you with is this one.    Take out your journal and everyday for the whole week, write down what you dream about doing.    Answer the questions above in as much detail as you can.    What is your dream and how does it make you feel?   Write this down to with no judgement.   Remember to write all of your statements with a positive connotation you are more likely to follow through.   

Good Luck.