Break your goals into steps.


Have you ever put a plan in place and then not followed through?  Have you had days where what you want just seems too far away?  An impossible dream and too hard.   I think we all do at one time or another.   

We can all accept that every journey, big or small, has to start somewhere.    We should also keep in mind that we can have everything that we want.   We might have to change the way we go about getting it that is all.    In the next couple of paragraphs we will look at how exactly this might look.


Lets have a look at how to help ourselves.    I want you to take a look at a possible scenario, see if you recognise the situation in your life.  For instance, say you have always wanted to take a trip overseas.    This dream trip is going to cost you $4,500.00 for instance.    This amount may seem huge and saving might seem unachievable.  If you broke it down into smaller chunks it might not seem so overwhelming.   This feeling of being overwhelmed can be quite debilitating and frightening.   Now, say you could save $50.00 per week.   This doesn’t seem quite so hard does it.   It is an amount that looks quite manageable.    It might take you longer but you will get there.    This is what we are going to work through in a bit more detail.   

In this part of the exercise we are going to slow down a bit.   Your journal would be a good place to record the results of this reflection.    The following steps are my suggestions in terms of helping you to reach your goals:

  1. Break it down – In this part we are going to slow down and reflect.   We are going to think about our goals more deeply.   This is the time when we can work out the small things that make up the whole picture.   
  2. Small tasks every day  The small things are at the root of the tasks that we need to do.    We generate a list of smaller tasks from this list.   All the small tasks that can be done on a daily or weekly basis to keep us moving towards our goals.   As the quote above suggests, taking small steps will eventually get us there.
  3. Set benchmarks  When we develop our smaller tasks we will know what we expect.   This expectation is the benchmark for comparison.   It is the standard by which we will compare our actual results with our expected results. 
  4. Review  The review exercise is where we take a closer look at how close we got to our expected outcomes.   We critically assess what we have done and how it contributed to our overall progress to date.   We are looking to see if it did or did not move us forward. 
  5. Make changes  When what we are doing is not as productive as we think we may have to make some minor adjustments.   These minor adjustments are designed to get us back on track.   It is better to make these refinements earlier on in our journey.   We can be sure to see problems before they get too big.   

I really hope that these ideas provide some insight and or tools to support you in your journey.    Getting where we want to be is at the core of everything we do.  So go forth armed with the right tools and you are more likely to succeed.   

Your job now is to try to work through your own scenario.   If you are feeling overwhelmed you can make life more manageable.   Your smaller tasks will be more achievable and your will experience less stress as you progress.  So exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!