Build It – Dynamic Action

 Karen Mason Riss says “Most people think they are discovering their lives; they pray, they hope something good will happen.   But what i think, what I say, what i do creates my reality” she continues with ‘we are creative beings, not discovery beings”.   Like Karen, Pablo Picasso also makes obvious that action is key to us getting what we want.

I love both of these ideals because it reminds us that we are not victims.   We are in control and we create our own reality.   We are entering the really exciting part of our journey.   We have had a really good look at ourselves, our lives and what we want.    We can now begin to work on doing the things that will see all our previous work become reality.   

In this section we are going to look what dynamic action means for us.   Then we will look at what steps to take to make your goals reality.   We also need to think about why we need to take action.

What is dynamic action?

So in terms of what we are doing here dynamic action is the adaptive or activity driven process of doing something towards the achievement of your goals.    

What steps do you take to make your goals reality?

  • Research and do your home workThis is about knowing more about your goals.  Your goals are clearly defined but what will it take to make them real.
  • Create a plan of actionThe actual things that you need to do to reach your goals, action statements
  • Break your action goals into stepsTake the action statements and break them into smaller achievable tasks.
  • Be proactiveYou make things happen, being ready before hand.  Be prepared to take action when the time is right.
  • Set deadlinesSetting boundaries and end dates for each action or set of actions.
  • Schedule Timemake sure that you set time aside

Why do you need to take aciton?

The major reason is that no one can do this for you.  If you want to reach your goals it will take all your energy and focus to get there.  I know how easy it is to get to the planning stage and that is where it stops.    I can plan myself into oblivion, making change after change and never actually taking it further.

I have learnt that moving forward, towards your goals takes determination.   Some of the many reasons for taking action are set out below:

  • Learning happens when you do something concrete – Your knowledge expands and you learn more when you actually do something.   
  • You understand by doingLearning happens when you do something concrete. 
  • You raise your self esteemYou feel better when you have achieved a goal successfully.
  • Time will pass no matter what you doIf you choose to do nothing, you will get nothing in return
  • Action allows emergenceWhen you do something it could lead you to new avenues that you didn’t even know existed.
  • Inaction is scarierTo do nothing at all is to stay exactly where you are.   
  • Motivation follows actionBecause you have been successful you want to do it again if not better
  • Courage follows actionSuccess breeds success because you are more willing to do whats needed and take risks
  • Action makes you humbleThe more you do the more you realise how much you have yet to do.  

So now that you know the what, how and why of ‘action’.   Go out and do it.   Make your dreams reality.   Create your own success story.