How much do you know yourself?

When you know yourself you are empowered. When you accept yourself you are invincible – Tina Lifford

This part of the journey is about heart, Your Heart, your love of self.   As uncomfortable as this may make some of us feel, it is not negotiable.  Our journey to self determination requires it.

This quote is about what happens when you truly know yourself.   Knowing about and acknowledging yourself in your entirety.

So this is where we get to talk a bit about who we are and what we want.   We can’t even decide where we are going until this is done.    

Who said ‘know thyself first?

Do you know who said ‘know thyself’ first?  It was inscribed on the Temple of Delphi but a greek philosopher, Socrates, made it part of modern philosophical theory.  So, it would seem that the search for self knowledge is not a new one.  It is as relevant and timeless now as it was then.  The actual quote is ‘ To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom’.   He was telling us that knowing who you are and what makes you happy is the most important thing you can do.    We are going to look at the following issues.  What does knowing yourself mean? Why being yourself is important? How to get to know yourself?  From here we can begin to talk about what really makes us happy.   What we would jump out of bed for every morning.  What makes our heart beat faster.   

So what does knowing yourself mean?  

Knowing yourself is about people learning to live according to their inherent nature, who they were born to be.  I believe people are born knowing all that they need to know to live their lives.   You will then spend your life being conditioned to live life as part of society.   You will learn their rules and adhere to their expectations.    Layer upon layer is added to who you are and you loose touch with your ‘authentic self’.    Going with this philosophy then means remembering who you are deep down inside and what you were are here for.   It is an awareness of yourself in a more intimate way, of what makes you tick and what makes you happy.

How to get to know yourself better.  

You will need to answer the following questions honestly or as honestly as you can.  I found that this takes practice as you peel back the layers established over time by your upbringing, society and life in general.   Down below I have listed some questions that you might get you started.  No doubt there are lots of other questions that might come to mind as you progress;

      • What are you good at and what do you need to work on?
      • What are you passionate about and want to do more than anything else?
      • What do you dream about doing?
      • What frightens you?
      • What are your likes and dislikes? 
      • What things do you tolerate and do not tolerate?

Why being yourself is important? 

I read a book by Cheryl Richardson, ‘Life Makeovers’ about 7 years ago.   She believes in ‘extreme self care’ and teaches people to take very good care of themselves.   When you are happy you can care for yourself and others better.   One of the first exercises that we did was to write down 25 things that we were most proud of accomplishing over the last year.   This took me longer than the week she gave us because I couldn’t think of anything positive that I had done.  I went against everything I had been taught about ‘tooting your own horn’ and vanity.   So when I eventually got the exercise done I felt really good.    This made it easy to continue my journey.   I knew more about myself than I had ever done.   You may want to try this yourself, you will not regret it. 

Being yourself, in all your glory, leads to a life that is richer and more fulfilling.   A deeper understanding of who you are and what you want is a natural outcome of listening to your inner voice.   You will make better decisions based on clearer idea of your goals.    Feeling stronger and more confident about yourself means you are less likely to be affected by the judgement of others. 

You will change and grow throughout the journey.   I hope you look forward to meeting the new you.   You will be amazing.   Good hunting. 

6 thoughts on “How much do you know yourself?

  1. Aisha says:

    Thanks for sharing this great insight. I guess the world will be a much better place if we can just love ourselves rather than wanting to be someone else.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi!
    Nice article, I like it. Looks like I was doing this all my life. I ask questions to myself too. It is not always possible to hear your inner voice, sometimes I think too much and forget about feelings deep inside.

  3. Nice post. It is always a good idea when starting a journey that one knows why they are taking the journey.
    On your list of How to Get to Know Yourself Better, You might think of adding What do others think you are and not good at?

    • admin says:

      Hi there,

      Thanks for that comment. I believe that sharing your journey with friends and so this question would be a great one to share with them.

      Thanks Taitimu

  4. Great advice in this article. I once read (I can’t remember where) that another good question to ask ourselves is – ‘what would I do if I couldn’t fail?’. I think spending time with ourselves is also a great way to get to know ourselves better. Thanks for sharing!

    • admin says:

      Hi there Angela,

      Thanks for that. You are right that is a great question to ask yourself. I will make sure that I find time to do this myself.


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