Good Time Management Tips


As we can see from the quote from Harvey Mackay, Time is Free.   We all know this.   

We also know that there never seems to be enough of it.   Some days no matter how hard I work I can never get everything that I have planned done.    I seem to have spent my whole working life asking, ‘where did the day go?”    No doubt there have been times when you have felt the same way. 

Learning to use time more effectively is what this article is about.    We will look at some good time management tips.  First things first, what is the importance of time?    Then we will look at a definition of time management.  Then we will look at the benefits of time management.   Lastly comes some ideas on how to plan your time.   

Come on, read the article!   At the end you will find some good time management tips.   They are designed to help you use your time more efficiently.      


Time, that elusive thing that we never seem to have enough of.    This scarcity, is exactly why time is so important.   Like anything else, the less you have, the more precious it seems.    One day, 24 hours, that is all that we have.    To eat, sleep, work, spend time with family and do the things that are important to us.    Making the most of the time that you have is critical   


You will see below the definition of time management offered by the Oxford Dictionary

“The ability to use one’s time effectively or productively, especially at work.”

So what can we take away from this?   Time management is a skill that everyone can benefit from.   

Achieving the things that you want is easier when you manage your time well.   

The definition of time management offered by Wikipedia is slightly more formal, you will see that below:

“ the act or process of planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency or productivity.”

This definition is a bit more action oriented.   It suggests that time management is a product of will and intention.   It points out that time management has an expected outcome.   

Time is non-refundable, use it with intention


Time management is important for lots of different reasons.   I don’t know who wrote the quote but they are so right.    Once a moment is gone you can never get it back, use it effectively.    Down below are some of the benefits of time management.    Time management is the process that helps you find time.     Time to do not just what you need to, but what you need to do as well.   We have listed some reasons why time management is important, definitely not all for you to think about:

        • Time is a finite commodity  Possibly one of the most important reasons why you need to manage your time better.    We only have 24 hours in a day, 1440 minutes.   No matter what you do you can never get more that that.   
        • Be more productive – When you take control of how you use your time it makes you focus.   When you are more focused you become more efficient.   This efficiency means that you do more of what is important. 
        • Better decision making – When you manage your time well there is less stress on you.   You can slow down and consider problems in more detail.   Looking at things in more detail means that your decisions are better
        • Take control –    Taking control of what you do and when is central in this instance.    You are more likely to achieve your goals and be successful.   
        • Learning opportunities are everywhere –    Learning opportunities are everywhere.    When you plan your time better you notice more and have time to take advantage of these opportunities.
        • Reduce stress –   Managing your time and being in control leads to less stress.    You are less likely to overwhelmed and subject to whim and fancy.    You may even be able to set aside some time for yourself.
        • Self discipline –    Being able to manage your time takes self discipline.   You are more in control.    Being in control is better for your self esteem.
        • Set priorities –    When you manage your time  well you are more aware of how precious your time is.    This means that you are more aware of what is important as opposed to most pressing.   
        • Plan wisely –   Making better plans is another consequence of good time management.   Having the time to take a longer term view of what you need to do.   Being certain that what you do gets you to where you ultimately want to be.
        • Conscious choices –    Making conscious choices is an act of creation.   It is just another example of how control changes your perspective.    Your not just reacting to what is happening, you are building your reality.
        • Make time for what is important –     When you manage your time properly you can also make free time part of your day.    You have time for family, friends, sports etc.   basically anything that your think is important. 


Well now you know why time management is so important to your journey it is time to look at some tools to help you.     Depending on your situation, some of the tools will make more sense to you than others.    Choose the ones that fit you, that you feel comfortable using.    I know they will make your use of the precious time you have more effective.   Here they are:

          • Time & Motion Study  This is where you look at how you fill your days.   It makes sense in terms of really noticing what you do everyday.   I was so shocked when I did this for myself.    I was surprised at how much time I just wasted doing non productive things.   
          • To Do Lists – Lists, of any kind have always been part of how I work.   I have found that they keep me focused.   Making sure that I don’t forget what needs to be done.   
          • Calendars –  I find that putting things in my calendar as early as possible meant that things don’t forget things.   Down below are some of the calendars your might like to use.
              • Annual
              • Monthly
              • Weekly
              • Daily
          • Morning planning time – Taking time in the morning to plan out your day is therapeutic.    It helps you focus on what is important.   It can be anything from 15 – 30 minutes where you look at all the things you need to do and when you are going to do them.   
          • Decrease distractions – When you are working on being more productive, being aware of what drags you off task is important.   You should definitely return calls, reply to emails and contact people regularly.   I got down to checking emails only twice a day.   I turned off notifications so that I didn’t get distracted.
          • Mix it up – Making changes in the way to schedule your time.   Nothing generates boredom more than same old, same old.   Being bored is a productivity killer.
          • Have fun – Never forget to put free time in your schedule.   This is as important as your work time.    Knowing you are going to be doing something fun makes it easier to stay on task and get your work done.   It gives you something to look forward to.   
          • Punctuality – Being on time is polite and respectful.    When you are better at managing your time you are more aware of what you need to do.   You are then more conscious about when you need to be places and can prepare in advance.    
          • Connectivity – When you are planning how you use your time, make sure to include time with the people you love.   Make time to do things you love.    It is so important to have time to spend with people. 

So what now my friend.    When you are working things out from yourself you will now have some tools to help you use your time more efficiently.    

I am going to ask you to do something for me now.    Get yourself a calendar and map out your journey for the next 6 months.   Just write down as much as you can at this point in time.   You can make changes as you go that reflect your choices.   Don’t forget to make sure that you include time for yourself.   Treat this time as precious.

Good luck.