Know what you are here for and what you want

A lot of people go through life without knowing what they want.    What do you really want in life?  Are you clueless and feel like your life is meaningless?    Even if you believe there is a reason for being born into this wonderful world, you maybe inclined to ask “what is my true purpose in life?”     For behind all the desires to stay in tune with what you want, there is one single purpose for your life that embraces your entire being.


That single purpose is the key that gives your soul direction.    Knowing the essence of what is your soul purpose is empowering.     You will then realise that you can have anything you want.    Becoming who you truly are, in all your multi faceted glory, makes it possible for you to do what you are passionate about if life

Once you have discovered your ‘soul purpose’,  you will be able to answer the question “what do you really want in life?”    That self-discovery will instantly change the way you look at and interact with the world.     You will have all the energy you need to determine what is your life dream, both in your personal and professional life.    There is a greater reason to wake up each morning, feeling lighter, happier, and overflowing with inspiration.

You are probably asking “What is my true purpose in life?” Seeking for the answer will lead you to search what is your soul purpose.   These two things are interrelated and really powerful in lighting the path to your future.    It is the guiding light that lets you see which path to take whenever you are at a crossroad and making important life decisions.

If you feel lost and don’t know what do you really want life, you are not alone.    Many people wander aimlessly through life without a quest.    Here are some helpful tips to answering the question “What do you really want in life”;

  • Give priority to yourself There is no way you can devote yourself to doing what are you passionate about in life if your life is full of distractions.    Do you always put other peoples need first?    Answers to questions like; what is my true purpose in life, what is your life dream and what do you really want in life; all provide a solid platform for growth.   Being particularly certain about what you want will provide the impetus for staying on track.    Putting your needs first, no matter what they are, is the only way you will be successful at anything.
  • Regret nothing – Never ever feel bad about prioritising your own needs.   It is your life and you have every right to live it exactly the way you want.   Feeling sorry for yourself is a waste of energy and regret is a waste of time.   Do not spend any more time living in the past.   Focus on what is happening now, live in the present and prepare for the future.
  • Identify your needs – Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out what your needs are.   Time spent thinking about what is essential to live a life of purpose makes sense.   When you know what is your life dream, no matter what it is, you will know what you need to make it reality.   Listing your priorities may be helpful in understanding what is your soul purpose.    
  • Determine what worries you – Too much worrying can keep you from deciding and acting upon what are you passionate about in life.    You can only soar high by pushing back the things that upset you.    For example, if your meaningless job bothers you, then imagine ways how you can follow your bliss.    Perhaps you can start your own business, or embark on a travel.    In doing what you absolutely love to do, you only need to believe, trust, and act.
  • Discover what makes you truly happy – If you have not yet determined what brings you the most joy, take some time to look for it.    Are you happier if you are around children?   Are you extremely comfortable with your significant other?   Do you find fulfilment playing musical instruments? If you are able to identify the one thing that gives you complete happiness, you can have a pretty clear idea of what is your soul purpose.    A life lived happily is not a wasted life, for in your happiness lies the root of your desires.
  • Aim high – When deciding to follow what is your life dream, there is no reason to dream small.   Take a gamble and dream big.    Aim for the highest star.    If you miss your target, there are other stars to shoot for.    You are the main star in every opportunity,  you can write the script to your life and let others see your name blazing behind your legacy.   Dream big and experience amazing things that can happen only to people like you who know exactly what do you really want in life.
  • Tell people what is your soul purpose – When you can answer the question ‘what is my true purpose in life?’ let the people around you know what you want to accomplish.   Sharing a goal gives it substance and makes it more real.    When you share your goals with your family they will keep you honest.    You are more likely to achieve your goals when you have support.
  • Remain positive Life does not always happen the way you want it.   Even if you feel frustrated that your plans did not deliver the expected results, stay positive.   Instead of giving up or freaking out, take the reins and roll with the changes.    Sometimes you just need to take a little detour to reach your destination.    A positive attitude is all you need to enjoy the ride.

Each of us has a different and unique purpose in life.   The challenge is to know the heart of what do you really want in life in response to your oft-repeated self -question: “What is my true purpose in life?” Regardless of your job or role, you can live your purpose in the highest and greatest way meant to dignify what is your soul purpose in life.

Sites like can provide some tips to help with your journey.   Don’t forget to use your journal to help you document your progress.   Writing things down may help you clarify what you are thinking.