Believe in Yourself and Know You Deserve It

“It’s not the feather, it’s you! You can fly. Forget the feather. It’s time to dive.” – these were Timothy Mouse’s words that reverberated in Dumbo’s (Walt Disney’s baby elephant with the big ears) thoughts, as he took a leap to fly.

Each of us has a little Dumbo. We all believe in a little, magic feather that makes us do seemingly impossible things. The truth is, there isn’t any magical feather – it is us who are deciding whether we will succeed or not.    Self-doubt can powerfully make it impossible for us to recognize, experience, or define self-belief.     Without self-belief, we will never have the confidence to go after our dreams and aspirations.    Why believe in yourself?    There are many great reasons to do so.    Let us explore the reasons why you must learn how to believe in yourself because you earned it.


Self-belief is synonymous with self-confidence.    It is an outgrowth of self-esteem, referring to the way you perceive yourself along with your skills, talents and abilities from situation to situation.    If you have a good dose of self-esteem, you will likely have enough self-worth and self-belief. Self-belief can enable you to go after what you want and not be afraid of risks, challenging yourself to aim higher, do better, and stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone.    It can make you be magnanimous in the face of victory and to be positive in the face of defeat.

There are reasons why things happen.    “Nothing really happens in nature is by chance,” says Dutch philosopher Baruch de Spinoza.    If good things happen in your life, it is because you deserve them.    Believing in yourself play a big role why good things are rolling in.    When things aren’t so great you can still look at the experiences with optimism, learning from the experience and moving on to new challenges and achievements.    This is the power of self-belief.


Believing in yourself is important, if you want to succeed in life.    The belief that you can make it through any situation or challenge has to start from you, not from another person.  Look at those people who are achieving and living their dreams, despite a disability.    Armless Jessica Cox, a Filipino-American, is a college graduate, certified SCUBA diver, black-belt in the American Taekwondo Association, and the first licensed armless pilot on the planet.    Her self-belief made here pursue her dreams relentlessly. Her lack of arms did not deter her from achieving her goals. Rather, they affirmed that she can succeed like any person.

Self-belief is important because it is that “little thing that makes a big difference.”     It is a foundation of self-confidence that gives you the courage to break and overcome obstacles.    It can usher positivity and bring you closer to your goals, while looking at negative events as merely challenges that fortifies resilience.     Self-belief is inspiring, encouraging you to work hard, be proactive and take action, particularly when you see yourself nearing your goals.    It is powerful it won’t let negativity dominate long enough, even in the face of adversity.

So what I want you to do now is, write down in your journal.

Write down 5 things that you are proud about.  Then think about why they make you proud.

It doesn’t matter how insignificant you might think they are.    Then work out why these things have made you proud.   Acknowledging these things about yourself is like anything else.   The more you do it the easier it becomes.    Record and repeat.    This is the essence of permanent change.


How does self-belief function in your life?    It can help you have clear goals, thus helping you recognize the opportunities with relative ease, just as lack of belief can blind and confuse.    It can help you think clearly, so you aren’t distressed when confronted with problems.    Instead, self-belief can help you find creative solutions to your issues and challenges.    It can stimulate you to be responsive and determined.

Self-belief can keep you motivated, even when there are temporary setbacks.    It can make you strong, confident and not afraid to take risks or try new things, so you will give up or “lay down your arms” when hindrances or rejection stand in your path.     With self-belief and confidence, you are conscious of your own worth and what you are capable of delivering or doing, so you can build more satisfying relationships.    All these also make you a leader in whatever field you choose. 

How to Believe in Yourself: Cultivating Self-belief

Self-esteem, confidence and self-belief are deemed the most significant ingredients for success.    There are people who may argue that luck, clouts, power, and money are.  Without the principal ingredient, however, the latter may not be of much help.    This underscores the importance of self-belief and the reason why you must cultivate and reinforce it.    How can you cultivate self-belief in your life?

Experts suggest that you persist in your chosen path of accomplishments.    Don’t waver in the progressive pursuit of your goals, despite negativities, but know when to step on the brakes, so they don’t overwhelm you.    Don’t be afraid to set bolder, but realistic and attainable goals.    The challenge will expand your skills and make you stronger.    Don’t shun the negatives all the time because they are just as real as the positive things in your life.

In particular, stop from comparing yourself with others.    If you do, Max Ehrmann (author of Desiderata) says, “you may become vain or bitter, for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.”    Instead, embark on a journey of lifelong learning to improve yourself and set your goals in a SMART way.    Always, be optimistic.    Positivity is a powerful frame of mind that can fuel your motivation and enthusiasm to make your passion intensely burning.


Why believe in yourself?     Self-esteem, self-belief and your confidence are a reflection of how you see yourself and how well you are in managing the different aspects of your life. With a healthy dose of all of these, you stand to benefit from your positive thinking.    Set your goals.    Go for them.    Nothing is impossible and nothing can stop you when you believe in yourself.

I have learnt just this week that I stand at the centre.    My self belief and confidence will radiate out from me and infect or should I say inspire other people to believe in themselves.   You will see this for yourself.   Go on!    Try it.   You will be amazed.

With an “emotional baggage,” the process may not be very easy, but it isn’t impossible.    Start easy.    Start small. Remember that it isn’t set in stone – self-belief can be re-learned and can be reinforced.    Enjoy self-belief because you deserve and you earned it.    When faced with self-doubt, look back and define self-belief.     Know how to believe in yourself – there are resources to help, such as One Life By Design.    It is a precious thing in your life.